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A few links of Dave’s old flag truck when diesel pulling was just starting to get popular:

Enterprise Engine Performance is a family owned company that was started in November 1987 just outside of Thornville, OH. When the company was started there were only two employees working with performance engine parts, Dave and his wife Lorretta. Today we have grown to ten full-time employees to keep up with the various segments of our company.  With the passing of Dave Mitchell on New Year’s Day 2012 there has been a void in our shop that will never be filled, however with Dave’s younger brother Brian taking over we will move into the future with the same determination that Dave & Lorretta once shared.  Our shop now consists of 14 service bays. Along with our service bays we have a steam bay to clean off trucks before service if needed and a designated engine building clean-room. Our machine shop has also grown, expanding our ability to keep more work “in-house”. We now have an extensive line of fabrication tools to handle performance engine parts. Our machine shop equipment consists of a boring/honing machine, valve seat & guide machine, resurfacing machine, flow-bench, mills, lathes, finishing tumblers, along with other various presses and metal fabrication tools.

In addition to our service capabilities, we have a strong emphasis on performance engine parts availability. In the past we were involved in some of the initial research and development on the dual-disc clutches that are common today in the street and pulling truck applications. Along with involvement in the clutches, we also produced several of the first twin-turbo setups used on the pickups. We have recently expanded our performance engine parts and accessories department regarding the new and used side of the market. Within the last few years we have been updating our website with products and services offered as well as opening an online Ebay Store. We are a WD distributor for many of the aftermarket parts manufacturers ranging from performance engine parts and driveline parts to drop in dash covers and everything in between. If we do not have something in-house, our ability to source parts for most any vehicle is well above par.

At Enterprise Engine Performance we are very adapt at making your truck, YOURS. Many companies have changed their business practices to focus on quantity, not quality to increase their profits on “cut & dry sales”. When it comes to performance engine parts modifications, we DO NOT believe that one size fits all. Whether you are looking for slight to moderate modifications to tow a trailer with more gusto, or going for a full-blown competition vehicle; here at Enterprise we have the history and experience to fulfill your needs. So before you choose a fly-by-night internet based operation, please do yourself a favor and give us a call.

We cater to many jobber and installer accounts across the country as well as online e-tailers so do not hesitate to inquire about what our business can do for yours!  We primarily focus on internal engine components and drive-line parts, however we are able to source any major product brands and categories that are currently available on the market. We have a large warehouse and are not afraid to keep items stocked for your shipping convenience.  Less popular items can be drop shipped from the closest warehouse to your location within just a couple days. 

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