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Enterprise Engine – Diesel Performance & Repair – Machine Shop

Enterprise Engine – Diesel Performance & Repair – Machine Shop 
Here at Enterprise we will work on just about anything from a ditch-witch or garden tractor all the way up to a semi and anything in between.  We will do anything from fixing a brake line or building a custom engine/driveline setup for your pulling/drag truck.  No diesel repair or service project is too big or too small.

Below is a general guide on some of the various machine shop services we offer:

Block Work

Bore & Hone Cylinder Block  (Inline 6 cyl)
Bore & Hone Cylinder Block (V8 Ford & GM)
Hone Cylinder Block Only    (Inline 6 cyl)
Hone Cylinder Block Only     (V8 Ford & GM)
Resurface Cylinder Block   (Inline 6 cyl)
Resurface Cylinder Block   (V8 Ford & GM)
Bore & Sleeve Cylinder Block (per cylinder)

Crankshaft Work

Check Journals & Polish 5.9L Crankshaft

Cylinder Head Work

Machine Intake Shelf Off & Mount HP Manifold

Resurface Cylinder Head (12/24V)
Cut & O-Ring Cylinder Head (12/24V)
Cut & FIRE-Ring Cylinder Head (12/24V)

12V Cummins:
Port & Polish 12V Cummins Head
(Average 33% Exh., 24% Int. Increase)
3-Angle Valve Job (12V Cummins)

24V Cummins:
Port & Polish 24V Cummins Head
(Average 20% Exh., 22% Int. Increase)
3-Angle Valve Job (24V Cummins)
Check Valve Guides, Ream & Install Bronze Liners/Ea.
Install Custom Valve Seats/Ea. (minimum $100)

Powerstroke/Duramax  3-Angle Valve Job (Ea.)
Resurface Cylinder Head (One Bank/V8)

****Please talk with one of our machine shop employees if you are interested in getting your stock intake milled off and require additional competition port & polish work****

Piston Work:

Taper Tops of Pistons to avoid “Sticking”/Ea.
Thermal Barrier Coat Domes & Teflon Side Skirts/Ea.
Fly-Cut Pistons as required.  (priced per piston)
De-Lip/Chamfer Pistons as required (per Set)
Balance Piston/Rod Assemblies (per Set)