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Cummins 3.9L 4BT Diesel Engine Rebuild / Overhaul Kit, ’89-’98 w/Large Marine Bowl Pistons. Interstate-McBee


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OEM/Stock Bowl  vs  Marine-Style Bowl


This particular kit consists of:

-Pistons  (Large Marine-Style Bowl)
-Connecting Rod Bearings
-Main Bearings
-Upper Cylinder Head Gasket Set
-Lower Conversion Oil Pan Gasket Set
-Crank Seals

Other Items to Consider:

-*Cylinder Head Bolts (Factory Torque-to-yield or ARP Studs) *Please note ARP Studs require milling of rocker stands.*
-*Connecting Rod Bolts (Factory Torque-to-yield or ARP Bolts)
-Camshaft Bushing/s
-Wrist Pin Bushings
-Oil Pump
-Oil Cooler  *Should be replaced if any metal particles went through the oil system*
-Water Pump
-Camshaft Tappets (Also check for irregular camshaft lobe wear and flaking)
-Excessive Push Rod/Push Tube Wear On Ball End
-Rocker Shaft & Rocker Arm Bushing Wear (last area oil travels and can generally be galled up, check oiling hole too!)
*Many times the rocker shaft can be buffed to remove the bushing material that has been transferred and everything reused*




Additional information

Weight 45 lbs
Dimensions 41 × 19 × 9 in
Piston Bore Size

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Main Bearing Size

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Rod Bearing Size

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Valve Reliefs Needed?